On December 1st I will be answering all questions regarding the Cursed Series, mental illness, physical and nutritional education. Join me at this link to educate the world how to be their best selves. https://authorsama.com/blog/

I would like to welcome everyone to my new blog. This was developed not only to promote my new book series dealing with the issues of PTSD, but also to educate and elaborate on the subject of mental disorders as a whole. Everyone in this world deals with certain demons they feel are out of their control. The rampant abuse of prescribed medications adds to the struggle and clouds actual healing. This series and this blog are for those who want natural healing. To truly heal you must treat the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. I've dedicated my life to help others deal with issues ranging from diet and exercise to mental illness and abuse for decades and now want to spread what I have learned to the world. You are not alone in your negative thoughts. Join me in helping others know they are not alone and spread the message that those who deal with these issues are not weak or cursed.  

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The material in the first two books, Cursed and Crazy, is graphic in physical, sexual and violent nature. Not for children under 16