Blessings Treating Your PTSD

Blessings is the third book in the Cursed Series and is dedicated to healing the masses who struggle every day with PTSD. You will find exercises that are easily incorporated into your daily life to become routine to reinforce a positive thought process and recovery from TBI associated with PTSD. A variety of treatments are provided to ensure healing as no one heals the same and most have a variation of symptoms. Remember, I am not a doctor. I have PTSD, have done my research, healed myself, and simply want to give you the means to heal. It has taken me decades to gather information, experiment and find the most effective treatments and those that prove harmful. Why listen to me? Because, not only have I been through it, I’ve come out of it successfully and want more than anything to help others. 

If you really want to know what PTSD is, ask someone who deals with it every day. Go to the streets and shelters to talk to homeless vets. Talk to those you know, who have dealt with childhood abuse, combat or chronic trauma. Ask them about their everyday thoughts and how they have affected their lives. You will find anxiety, depression and links to many other disorders of the mind. Then read countless case studies, articles on treatments and experiment with each to see what works. Or, you can read a book from someone who has already done that for you. Someone who has studied with passion, not because they wanted a paycheck, but because they wanted to survive. Have you read the suicide rate of those with PTSD? I personally have had a gun in my mouth twice, and if not for the love of my children would have pulled the trigger. This is why I write, to spare others from the agonizing pain mental illness produces by unaware self-infliction. I am here to tell you, you're not alone. You are not irreparable, and you are worth every solution.


Crazy PTSD and the Narcissist Love Cycle

Based on actual events, Crazy is the second book of an ongoing series about the cause, effects and treatments of PTSD. Crazy describes the many ways mental disorders can cause instability, and problems with the decision making processes. The child from the first book, “Cursed”, is now grown into a young woman with PTSD. She has no idea she had the disorder and how it affects her ability to make successful decisions. She simply feels the world is unfair and has no control over her situation. This story reveals the patterns that resonate after experiencing traumatic abuse.


This book contains violent and sexual content and should not be viewed by children

Cursed A Different Kind of PTSD

 Based on actual events, Cursed is the first book of an ongoing trilogy about a little girls fight for survival in a world she believes has cursed her. From the time she was born, life has been more of a nightmare than a dream. It seems everyone in her life is against her and those who could help are unaware or won’t believe her side of the story. Though she tries to win the heart of others, her own grows cold and after being shunned and abused by all she loves, she finally snaps. 


This book contains violent and sexual content and should not be viewed by children

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The material in the first two books, Cursed and Crazy, is graphic in physical, sexual and violent nature. Not for children under 16