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Donate treatment Manuals to Support Free Education
& Literature for Abused and Neglected Children

By donating the treatment manual "Blessings Treating Your PTSD" you will secure free training and literature to schools, foster and residential homes across the country. 

Every book purchased and sent to The Cursed Project, 1984 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751 will be redistributed along with free training on the signs, symptoms and treatments for PTSD and it's related disorders from abuse and neglect. 


With nearly 600,000 children in care and 1 in 3 having PTSD from child abuse and trauma, imagine how many children we can help if we all do our part. God bless you all and God bless our children in need.



Click on the bookstore in the menu

Click the picture of Blessings Treating Your PTSD

Go to the bottom of the page where it says Buy It Here ")

Order the paperback book from Amazon

Read it and send, or simply have it shipped to: 


1984 Soco Rd

Maggie Valley, NC 28751-7874 

Thank you for your support.

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The material in the first two books, Cursed and Crazy, is graphic in physical, sexual and violent nature. Not for children under 16